A new week! We started two new large projects, the kitchen floor and more of the hallway ceiling. These projects progressed well despite another power outage that lasted a few hours. During the power outage in a dark toolroom, Sherry tripped and fell. She injured her arm when she braced herself against the fall. She first went to the clinic across the street from us and they did not think it was broken but to be sure she then went to the public hospital in Coxin Hole to get an x-ray but once arriving there the x-ray machine was not available. She will try again today.

Clint left around noon on a wild goose chase trying to accomplish various tasks, but being here in Hondruas things tend to take doubly long and a lot of times one is unable to find what one is looking for. The one thing he accomplished after hours and hours of driving around the island trying to find this and that is he got stainless steel sheets ordered for the counter tops here in the kitchen. That should make the odious job of cooking and cleaning up after large groups a bit easier.

We were able to accomplish a lot while our “great leader” was gone.

Pray for healing of all injuries
Pray that the Lord be glorified through our actions



Pete going against the cultural norm, by installing an electrical box.



Joey had to make a few modification to the welding helmet



Silias working on the kitchen floor



Colton Laird



Tina ready for evening devotion



Joey says people would worry if we post picture of him smiling