Sunday Morning, praise the Lord!  Sunday was a very full day, impossible to capture in a single post quickly written before breakfast, But we will try.

We began the day with breakfast and devotions. Rossel, brought the soccer ministry kids to church two hours early to play soccer in the courtyard. The whole team especially the kids mingled and played for hours leading up to service time. Clint delivered the message and Pete shared his testimony. After church, Tia and Colton arrived from Washington to join our team. We now have 15 total servants for the Lord, children included, all safe and sound here on the island of Roatan.

In the afternoon, we ventured up the hill into the local community to visit the new church plant in “La Colonia”. We had a wonderful time getting to know the kids from the church there. On our way back down the hill, we split into smaller groups and gave out the word of God to many homes, along with toothpaste and toothbrushes.

In the evening we split up, some of the team took the youth boys, that have been helping us, out to dinner. The rest of the group, and some of Jhonny’s family, took dinner to go and ate on the beach at sunset. We played in the waves until after dark.

We ended the day with evening devotion time. Their were many on the team who saw the Lord work in a powerful way on this very full day.

Praise the Lord:
Tina’s shoulder is doing much better!
Nate saw a doctor and got some meds.
we are all doing well, we are safe and being used by the Lord

Please pray for:
The new week ahead, that it would be productive and edifying to the Lord
For Nate’s leg to heal quickly


The Soccer Ministry



Nila & Kiara



Pete bribes the kids to be his friends with candy



The children worshiping the Lord



Zeph hitched a ride up the hill on Joey



Tires repurposed as stairs






Clint asking the kids bible questions



Tina getting to know the kids



Nate playing duck duck goose with the kids



Sherry hanging out with the kids



Tia with Hacie and Maria



Dasha parts from the group



The group heading off to go witnessing



Clint and Havalah