It was not until the evening, of this incredibly busy day, that anyone realized the camera had been neglected. We began the day like any other on this mission trip with breakfast and devotions. Shortly after devotion we all plowed right into what was our longest most productive day yet. with our departure looming, we were filled with urgency that motivated long into the night.

The Bathroom: The plumbing got done by Dante and some of the local guys. Redi finished the drywall and put a coat of mud on everything. Clint installed the shower floor and got the whole shower ready for grout.

The Electrical Service: Pete felt impressed upon by the Lord to build and install the electrical service post for Nelsons house in the Colonia. He, Jimmy, Wilfredo and Olibany, constructed the pole here then loaded it up and drove into the hills. They collected rock and sand and mixed concrete on the ground by hand to set the pole. Project Done!

The Kitchen: Wanda, Sherry, and Tina ran the floor sander on the newly installed floor. the edges proved to be the hardest part as no edge sander was available, but had to be done on hands and knees with palm sanders. They then varnished the floor and throughout the day applied subsequent coats, which look amazing. Clint worked on re-jetting the stove, trying to precisely fill and re-drill the orifices holes to ensure all the burners are operating at a uniform 21,000 BTUs.

The Truck: This project was added to our list late in the trip and is proving to be one of the most time consuming. We were asked to install seating in the bed of the truck, and a lumber rack overhead. Nate, Colton and Joey, have been working on it for a couple of days now.  At nine o’clock in the evening, the guys felt that if this project is going to get finished it needed more attention. They made a pot of coffee and worked into the morning hours until they ran out of welding rod at just after 1:00 AM.

The Play: Despite the very busy workload, we did still find some time for recreation. We walked down to the beach for a quick swim. Which proved to be not so quick when Clint and Nate got separated on the reef. Clint searched for Nate for some time before swimming into shore and initiating a search and rescue. Nate as safe as can be enjoyed his snorkel while the beach was in a panic, and was very relieved when after they found he was safe and sound. After dinner, we all mounted the truck and went to town for Ice cream.

Our trip is coming to a close, Friday is our last full day. We hope to finish many of the projects or leave them in a state that the local team here to finish easily. We also want to get some time in for shopping and swimming.  Tonight we have a party planned to celebrate Clint and Charlottes birthdays, and treat the whole team both local and foreign to a great meal.

Please pray for
God to protect us all
The hours to be full and productive.


DSC_4273 Zeph with his friend the lizard. The kids are having fun finding and catching Lizards, Geckos and crabs.

DSC_4276 Amy and Havalah. Smile for the Camera!! Cheese!! Queso!! nothing worked.

DSC_4285 Enriquito, Hacy, Amy, Cruz and Gracy. A family who has been committed to Calvary Chapel Roatan from early on.

DSC_4286New kitchen floor!