Steve, Brayden, Pete and myself disembarked from Oshkosh Wisconsin about twenty-four hours ago. God’s providence was visible from the start. The Lord laid it on the heart of a person to drive us to the airport, which was a great blessing. then upon arriving at the airport, rather earlier than expected, we found the rest of our group from Lacrosse had arrived at the exact same time.
What’s amazing about that is, we did not know that we even had another part to our group. Matt Schroeder, the pastor of Horizon Christian fellowship in Lacrosse Wisconsin, called out my name at the check-in counter. I responded with “oh hey where are you guy headed” and to my surprise he said “to Jordan to work with you guys” you can tell we need to work on our communication skills a bit. Matt and Jacob had purchased tickets to come on the same flight as us to join with us as we labor for the Lord.
Our flight was wonderfully smooth and direct putting us in Amman, Jordan at about 4 PM local time. We got through passport control without much trouble, and after a secondary screening of one of our bags were released upon the city. we were gathered us from the airport and taken us to enjoy a bountiful feast of local food. We are blessed to be staying in the home of a family that is currently in the United States.
And for now, I leave you as I should be going to sleep. Thank you all for your prayers, check back here often to view the progress of our trip.